What is the LED PCB?

December 6, 2021

Latest company news about What is the LED PCB?

What is the LED PCB?


The evolution of printed circuit board technology has laid the foundation for different exciting innovations. The most prominent example is to develop an LED PCB Board.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These diodes emit rays of light after passing electric current from these diodes.

LEDs are attached to the PCBs by utilizing the soldering process and emit light when electrically connected. So basically, the LED circuit board plays a key role to save electric power and lengthen the life of LEDs. The LED PCB acts as a heat sink and a landing surface.

Types of LED PCB: 

There are different types of LED PCBs. LED PCB Board types to vary on the basis of manufacturing specifications, type of material and usage. Here are the most popular types of LED PCBs including:

Flexible LED PCB

The name is quite obvious. It is comprised of materials that can twist in different directions, and flex. It contains layers including multilayer, double and single formats.

It is a little bit costly to print a circuit on the flexible material. The flexible LED PCB Board has more advantages as compared to a rigid LED Printed Circuit Board.

You can move it toward different directions and fold and bend it around different edges. It is really useful for different areas that might be harmful to other LED PCB types.

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As the name suggests, it is stiff and totally opposite to the flexible one. The solid material is used for its manufacturing. You can find it on the computer. It is also available in different layers.

Hybrid LED PCB

It includes non-thermal material along with a metal base. It most often consists of the aluminum substrate with the conventional FR4 binding. The Hybrid LED PCB Board dissipates heat in the most efficient manner.

Moreover, it is very strong and less expensive as compared to a rigid aluminum LED Printed Circuit Board. It has no flexibility capability that makes it really difficult to bend.

Multi-Layer LED PCB

This type of LED PCB Board contains more than two layers. Copper plated holes most often interconnect all the layers. It contains 4 to 50 conductive material layers.

A special type of glue connects multiple layers and a special type of insulator is used in between different layers. The insulator protects them from an excessive amount of heat.

They are basically available in different sizes so the smallest having four layers. Moreover, 50 layered LED PCB is also available for complicated electrical applications.

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Single-Layer LED Printed Circuit Board

It contains just one layer of the substrate. One side of the single-laver LED PCB contains a metal layer, preferably a good conductor such as copper. They are very simple and easy to design. Therefore, they are available at a very low price.

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