Aluminum OEM Thickness 0.2mm 4mm 94v0 PCB For Emergency Light
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yizhuo
Certification: CE,ROHS,UL
Model Number: Aluminum PCB Circuit Boards 01
High Light:

4mm 94v0 PCB


0.2mm 94v0 PCB


94v0 Emergency Light PCB

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Vacuum Package+ Good quality carton box
Delivery Time: 10-12 work days
Base Material:: Aluminum Based
Copper Thickness: 0.5oz, 1.0oz, 2oz, 3oz
Board Thickness: 0.2mm - 4mm
Min. Hole Size: 0.25mm(10mils)
Min. Line Width: 0.25mm(10mils)
V-CUT Angle: 20, 25, 30, 45 Degree
Product Description

Aluminum OEM Thickness 0.2mm 4mm 94v0 PCB For Emergency Light


OEM Aluminum PCB Circuit Boards Manufacturing 94v0 for emergency light


Aluminum PCB has been widely used in hybrid integrated circuits, automobiles, office automation, high-power electrical equipment, power supply equipment and other fields in recent years with excellent heat dissipation, machinability, dimensional stability, and electrical properties. Aluminum substrate is mainly to see the thermal conductivity, voltage value and thermal resistance value, it is related to the life and life of aluminum substrate.


1. Aluminum PCB process flow:


Opening → Drilling → Dry film → Inspection → Etching → Exposure → Soulder mask → Silk screen → Inspection → Tin Spray → Aluminum surface treatment → Punching → Final inspection → Packaging → Shipping


3. Specific production process and special production parameters:


3.1 Opening
3.1.1 Strengthen the incoming inspection (the sheet with protective film on the aluminum surface must be used).
3.1.2 No baking plate is required after opening.

3.1.3 Handle gently, pay attention to the protection of the aluminum base surface (protective film).


3.2 Drilling

3.2.1 The drilling parameters are the same as those of FR-4.
3.2.2 The aperture tolerance is extremely tight. The copper base of 4OZ needs to pay attention to controlling the generation of wave peaks.

3.2.3 Drill holes with the copper skin facing up.


3.3 Dry film
3.3.1 Incoming inspection: Before grinding the board, the aluminum base surface protective film must be inspected. If it is damaged, it must be pasted with blue glue before pretreatment.
3.3.2 Milling: only the copper surface is processed.
3.3.3 Filming: Both copper surface and aluminum base surface must be filmed.
Control the time between the grinding plate and the film to be less than 1 minute to ensure that the film temperature is stable.
3.3.4 Clapper: Pay attention to the accuracy of the clapper.
3.3.5 Exposure: Exposure rule: 7 to 9 grids have residual glue.
3.3.6 Development: Pressure: 20 ~ 35psi, Speed: 2.0 ~ 2.6m / min

Each operator must be careful to avoid scratches on the protective film and aluminum substrate.


3.4 Inspection
3.4.1 The circuit surface must check each content according to MI requirements.

3.4.2 The aluminum base surface must also be inspected. The dry film on the aluminum base surface must not have film falling and damage.


3.5 Etching
3.5.1 Because the copper base is generally 4OZ, there will be some difficulties during etching. The first board must be approved by the foreman before it can be used as a board. Spot checks on line width and line gap should be strengthened in the board. The line width should be checked every 10PNL board and recorded.
3.5.2 Recommended parameters: Speed: 7 ~ 11dm / min Pressure: 2.5kg / cm2
Specific gravity: 25Be Temperature: 55 ° C
(The above parameters are for reference only, subject to test results)

3.5.3 When removing the film, pay attention to the time control between 4 ~ 6min, because aluminum and NaOH will react, but it must also ensure that the film is clean, and the film is not allowed to warm up during the film. After the board with no protective film on the aluminum surface is raised from the film release liquid, if the board cannot stay in time, the film release liquid on the plate needs to be washed with water to prevent the alkaline liquid from biting the aluminum surface.


Aluminum OEM Thickness 0.2mm 4mm 94v0 PCB For Emergency Light 0


Aluminum OEM Thickness 0.2mm 4mm 94v0 PCB For Emergency Light 1

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